ELIASMIRA brand adopts as its main mission to be one of the best references in the manufacture of tubular loafers for men. Providing the buyer with a feeling of individuality when using our artisan loafers is our goal, for this reason, our purpose is to make the client perceive us as a benchmark of individuality and differentiation. We are focused in the market segment of people that requires a high quality in the acquisition of its dress shoes and we seek to conquer the group of loafer lovers, these shoppers who value the acquisition of a product that will provide a high degree of exclusivity.

The tubular loafers that we manufacture are characterized by maintaining a marked timeless condition, becoming shoes that achieve a permanent sense of fashion and that are identified by the marked expression of detail and the mastery of the handmade. For this reason we are faithful defenders on applying the better condition when manufacturing our loafers, taking maximum care in the quality of the materials that we use to achieve what makes us to have something different and that will provides a high degree of exclusivity to the man who wears a pair of shoes manufactured by ELIASMIRA.

We are aware of the current abuse of exploitation of the word brand, something that we understand as one more part of the strong influence of the large fashion investment groups, something that if we analyze carefully indicates that these brands develop products for masses that have been manufactured in dates long before their sale and that are placed in distribution warehouses awaiting their sale during long time. The ELIASMIRA label provides a different and very exclusive meaning to the fashion concept through our commitment to manufacturing a non-mass product, a product that is aimed at small but highly diversified groups and that recognize the value of offer of a new brand more than in form of name (brand), in the form of an emerging offer and different from that of the mass production.

ELIASMIRA loafers are different, these are yellow, green, red, blue, brown and can also be black. Therefore we design loafers full of expression through color so that the man who loves loafers can feel exclusive and can express himself in a very particular way. 

Feel the pleasure of being looked at and the pleasure of wearing them.