This post isn’t about shoes, but the state of being friends.


Dear Sergio,

Through this letter I wish to express my recognition towards you as a professional, as well as my gratefulness for having met someone like you.

It was not easy to leave my land, Spain to live in yours, Portugal, to appear on a new stage and to surround myself with new people to whom to transmit my project. Finding people who are willing to accept my trust in them in exchange for their trust in me, as you have done. 

As I told you when I met you, I sail through the sea of professional life with a very precise direction and conviction that are based on something that I define as “feeling everything you do as an extension of yourself, as something of yours». I consider that each of us are drops of water and that together we are sea and that in this way, as a team, we achieve what we pursue.

For this reason, for your honesty and attitude and because I recognize your effort, I’m grateful to you, I appreciate your trust, I appreciate your patience, I appreciate your understanding, I appreciate your professionalism and I appreciate the fact that you feeling like one of the drops that are part of this sea that is my team.

To end, I wish our professional and personal relationship to remain a long time.

Thank you! Sérgio.