What does it mean to say «Master Craftsmen»


From the extensive footwear experience that accompanies us, we understand that using this term cannot be free, quite the contrary, we must refer to these words as something serious, something that implies the effort of a lifetime, the effort to understand and improve technique and necessary skills to handle a series of extremely delicate materials with vocation and expertise.

Our moccasins are made using leather as the main material, in the soles, in the outside, and inside our shoes, we use noble skins and under this condition we must treat them with nobility, the suede, the calfskin or the cowskin we use deserve and require the talent, the aptitude and ability of the men and women involved in them.

It is necessary to understand that behind a master craftsman there is a time of absolute dedication, countless hours sitting in a chair or around a shoe bench, taming and humbly caressing the talent to achieve the skill that makes them be masters.

For this, and in recognition of our master craftsmen, today I write these phrases, in some way to recognize and to appreciate the effort of the human team that are involved making it possible for ELIASMIRA moccasins to achieve the distinctive sign that characterizes them.