Every design must be endorsed for a reason, a why? and a what for?


I have designed “Lounge Loafers” because for some time I have been thinking about some aspects that I consider fundamental in the use and habits of how we should wear shoes at home.

What for?

So that the habit of dressing in an elegant way is a natural and active part of our way of being at home and that we avoid falling into the abandonment of our image.

The reason.

ELIASMIRA “Lounge Loafers” maintains the style of my design and my product philosophy which is based on my tubular loafers which maintain a high sense of function and proportion. A line full of color and leathers finished with natural waxes applied by hand and stitched leather soles that provide durability over time.

First, I considered it essential to maintain the characteristics of my street product to create my home product, that is, to maintain the shapes that enhance the aesthetics of our feet and that make the foot stay hold and comfortable at the same time. Then I implemented the comfort factor so that the sensation of wearing these “Lounge Loafers” was extraordinary.

Now I’ve got a cabrio version of my loafers, a product that hold on your foot and gives you a high degree of comfort. Two essential factors to get closer to the sense of being at home with elegance and comfort.

We can use these loafers as we want, inside or outside the home, but in this case I will approach them from the point of view of use at home and for this we will start by creating a space at the entrance of the house, a space that will serve to leave the ” Lounge Loafers ”when we need to leave the house and that will serve to leave our street shoes when we return home.

Maintaining the image, gives us focus and self-confidence.

I believe that it is necessary to maintain a complete image when we are at home, both when we receive our guests and when we do our work from home. Nothing more vulgar than receiving someone in bedroom slippers and a bathrobe (it seems that we are inviting them to leave as soon as they arrive). Nothing more ordinary than working in bedroom slippers and a bathrobe (it seems that we have lost respect for ourselves and for our job).

A man who feels confident and trusts the image he projects will accomplish much of his purposes. He will remain focused on the role that he must perform and will adopt an appropriate attitude at the time that will give him self-confidence, in this aspect we must mark a clear line between the style we use and how it will affect the development of our daily work. We should leave the bedroom slippers and bathrobe in the bedroom because otherwise we will unconsciously adopt a low-level attitude.

Maintaining hygiene gives us safety and comfort.

From the point of view of hygiene these “Lounge Loafers” will be a good resource, after that day away from home we will have stepped on all kinds of floors and inevitably we will return home carrying all kinds of harmful germs on the soles of our shoes, germs that we will avoid spreading throughout the house, from the entrance to the living room carpet where our baby crawls. For this reason we have created a safety space, so that when arriving from the street we change our outdoor footwear for an indoor one that gives us comfort and safety.

I hope you think a little more about yourself and those who live with you and do not forget about your guests.